Windstream, Landline Phones and Understanding Your Options

Is Windstream cutting your cord? We can help.

Lately, Windstream Enterprises (aka Windstream Holdings) has been sending notifications to their customers that use their landline service informing them the minimum monthly service charge for their landline’s charges are increasing by as much as 75%. Should you call customer service at Windstream, they’ll inform you that it does not matter if you are under contract or not, the increase will go into effect, and the monthly service for each landline is now a minimum of $150.00. They’ll be glad to switch your phone service to VoIP since it’s less costly for them, which may not be the preferred option for landline telephone system users. If your phone system does not support the newer technology, they’ll waive the early termination fee if you should decide to move your phone service to another provider (make sure to ask them to waive this fee). 

Why are Prices Increasing?

As a Windstream customer you may be wondering why are they raising the charges of landline service, and basically forcing you into a corner? IMHO, it's partly because landline service is expensive to deploy and maintain, as the service must be delivered over the Local Exchange Carrier (Ex: Verizon) outside plant facilities, and Windstream must pay Verizon to carry their service. Verizon themselves have been increasing the monthly charge for their landline service, to as much as $85.00 per line.

The Shift from Landlines to VoIP

Twenty years ago, most homes and businesses used landlines. Since then, cell phones have replaced the homes and small business’ landlines, so there is less money and desire to maintain the older copper network infrastructure, installed 50 years ago or more. As of June 2020, only 2.3% of all households reported they had a landline without cell service. 

Landlines are an old technology that is rapidly becoming phased out by the wide acceptance of Voice over IP, a less expensive and more flexible and versatile network to deploy. Windstream is clearly looking to eliminate the costly landline service and focus more on profitable technology like hosted VoIP, high speed internet, and security services.

Windstream is not the only company wanting to phase out landline service. Twenty states have already permitted AT&T to end their landline phone service.

Legacy Phone System and Landline Options

What can you do if you have a legacy phone system and rely on landlines? Cable companies can still provide landline service, and CPDI can find a match for you. We will work with the winning carrier to install and activate your service. CDPI can also retrofit your older phone system to support the newer VoIP technology.

VoIP Options

If your older system is showing its age, CPDI can provide a telephone system that supports the newer Voice over IP technology. Hosted VoIP phone service, like NEC’s Univerge Blue, provides many benefits, including mobility, reliability, and resiliency. 

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Bill Mitchell has been in the telecommunications industry since 1979, learning communications in the US Navy. In 1991, Bill co-founded Business Communications Systems Inc in Worcester, MA, performing in technical, estimating, and sales engineering and design roles. After 29 years in business, BCS was acquired by Connectivity Point, where Bill is serving as a telephony subject matter expert.




Nicole Scaramuzzi Courtemanche is an Account Executive/Certified ScrumMaster on the Connectivity Point Sales Team. She has more than ten-years success managing software lifecycle projects in both agile and hybrid environments; has operationally managed interactive payment applications that integrate with varied state government licensure administrative systems; and has managed portfolios of digital projects totaling millions+ in revenue across industries.