Virtual Lunch and Learn: Telephone Systems - From Landline to Cloud Solutions

Telephony experts talk about landlines and cloud solutions, making the switch and what questions to ask when designing a new system.

Telephone technology has grown in leaps and bounds since operators sat at a switchboard connecting calls. The shift to cloud solutions and the ability to utilize internet broadband means that we can share more than just voice communications via these new Unified Communication Systems. Everything from video conferencing, file sharing, text messages, and yes, even faxes, can now be done with ease on these new platforms. 

The technology helps businesses support a remote or hybrid workforce, streamlines and improves customer service and includes valuable tools to optimize business operations.

Hear from three industry experts as they talk about the differences between landlines and cloud solutions, what it takes to make the switch and what questions you should be asking when looking to design the communication system that makes sense for your business, and budget.




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Bob Triscari has been in the telecommunications field since 1982 as a Sales Engineer, Project Manager, End User Trainer with Nynex. Since 1986, Bob been a Channel Manager with Tie/Communications, Toshiba America and NEC America.






Scott Pawlowski has 25 years in the telecommunications industry. Scott joined Connectivity Point in 2009 as a Cabling Technician and moved into the role of Sales Engineer in 2011. As Manager of Telephony Systems, Scott estimates new telecommunication projects, helps coordinate all phone system installations and service calls for Connectivity Point clients. He holds certification in Mitel, NEC, Allworx.





Bill Mitchell has been in the telecommunications industry since 1979, learning communications in the US Navy. In 1991, Bill co-founded Business Communications Systems Inc in Worcester, MA, performing in technical, estimating, and sales engineering and design roles. After 29 years in business, BCS was acquired by Connectivity Point, where Bill is serving as a telephony subject matter expert.

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