University of Vermont Medical Center

University of Vermont Medical Center

Sound Masking

Connectivity Point was selected to install Cambridge Sound Management's cost-effective QtPro sound masking system in an inpatient wing of The University of Vermont Medical Center, located in Burlington, VT.

The space consisted of approximately 24,000 square feet including patient rooms, hallway corridors, nurse stations, and office space. Small, Qt® Emitters (speakers) were installed in the ceiling tiles throughout the entire space including nurse stations, patient rooms, and corridors. The emitters were connected via cables to a control module in one of the hospital's server rooms.

Since the install, the hospital has seen a marked increase in the number of patients that reported that their room was always quiet at night. As a bonus, QtPro is the most energy-efficient sound masking system available, allowing UVM Medical Center to adhere to its commitment to sustainability.
"We installed QtPro in an inpatient area, along with other noise-reducing measures,"
says Wes Pooler, Director of Facilities Management. "We've experienced positive results from the measures taken."

Due to the success of the system, UVM Medical Center plans to have the system installed in all patient wings.