The Park Danforth

The Park Danforth

Network Cabling, A/V, Wireless, Security

The Park Danforth is a senior living facility in Portland, Maine. Since opening in 1881, The Park Danforth has stood for quality senior living in the Greater Portland area. The Park Danforth recently completed renovations and new construction at their 777 Stevens Avenue location.

Working in areas of both renovation to the existing building and new construction, Connectivity Point (CPDI) designed structured cabling, audio/visual, wireless access points, and security systems to support a combination of workstations, private offices, meeting spaces, and entertainment areas.
Connectivity Point's security division designed and installed an ExacqVision NVR with 8 Terabyte hard drive, 3 garage cameras, 6 motorized zoom outdoor cameras, and 8 indoor cameras. CPDI also designed and installed the access control system, which includes key fob activation on 9 doors throughout the building.

Connectivity Point's A/V team designed and installed state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment in the boardroom, auditorium, movie room, pub, and bistro, and installed digital signage throughout the building.
Equipment ranges from small 40" monitors to 109" recessed, and a ceiling-mounted projection screen with a 6200-lumen projector and flush mounted speakers, all controlled by IR targets on the walls of the corresponding room.

"When we interviewed Connectivity Point, they came with a full complement of staff in cabling, security and audio/visual, and while it wasn't the lowest bid, they were compelling in their presentation. I've never doubted the final decision and we could not have asked for a better business partner." - Lisa Noonan, COO The Park Danforth

This integral cabling, security and audio/visual solution provides a more functionally efficient and pleasant work and living environment for The Park Danforth's staff and clientele where comfort and safety is the top priority.