The New Office

Reopening office space throughout the country has started and looks a bit different than it did just one quarter ago. Connectivity Point has the capability offerings to be your one point of contact to get your company running at full speed.

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Thermographic Cameras

Thermographic Cameras are a technological solution for the workplace which can get an accurate body temperature, within one degree, of anyone walking into your establishment. Your employees, customers, vendors and guests will have peace of mind knowing all steps are being taken for their safety.

Phone Systems

Phone systems have long had the capability to support remote working, with many employees using the call forwarding feature already. Now you can move additional employees to remote work with confidence through Connectivity Point’s phone system offerings through Allworx, Mitel, or NEC. Connectivity Point will assist with remote user setup.

Video Conferencing

Through Connectivity Point’s years of AV Installations and wealth of knowledge from our Audiovisual estimators’ 130 years of combined experience, we have set up our share of video conferencing systems. Crestron and Logitech video conferencing will set up seamlessly with your platform already in use, whether it is Teams, Zoom, or Google Rooms.

Office Reconfiguration

Hearing “physical distancing” 100 times a day over the past few months has people feeling a little more entitled to their personal space. If your office layout will need adjustment and reconfiguration, you’ll need Connectivity Point to move network cable drops and allow for enhanced wireless coverage throughout your space.