Connectivity Pointers: The Fear of the Project Unknown

By Nicole Courtemanche


The A-Team

In honor of one of my favorite television shows growing up [note to self: you are aging yourself by revealing this] I am going to quote one of the best lines EVER to begin this blog, “I love it when a plan comes together!”—Col. John “Hannibal” Smith, The A-Team. 

In all honesty, I did steal this not only from Hannibal but also from one of our esteemed RCDDs whom initially mentored me as I first came to Connectivity Point, Mr. Kevin Shaughnessy. We worked together on many proposal bids, and what I like about Mr. Shaughnessy is how unafraid he is to ask questions when there is a project unknown. One of the bids where we asked many questions to reach a concise and thorough scope of work was finally signed by the customer (any AE knows how great this is) and in turn, he sent me an A-Team meme with the note: I love it when a plan comes together.


paper doll chainAre you afraid of being left in the dark? 

I find working with many people who possess varying professional job functions, skill sets, and overall different motivational interests, is a reflection of how well a plan comes together. Not all commercial telecommunications jobs are one and the same. A general contractor will not have the same interests as an agent working on behalf of their client. A certified technician performing the work will not have the same interests as the RCDD on the job, and an account executive will not have the same interests as pretty much all-of-the-above said. 

So, how can any one of these stakeholders ensure they are not in the dark when it comes to information that will affect their role in a commercial low voltage project? 

Answer: They should ask questions, but not just any questions—the RIGHT questions. The scariest moment for ANY stakeholder is when a project is derailed. These are not unfounded fears because if a project is at risk of not meeting requirements, it would be because information comes to light that you never knew existed, AND—even spookier—more than likely one of your fellow stakeholders probably did.


light bulbLet there be light!

Connectivity Pointers will be fun and light. As a matter a fact, I hope it will shed some light on some of the unknowns we can answer for our audience, a.k.a. our current and soon-to-be job stakeholders. Whether you are a commercial business owner, a general or electrical contractor, an agent or principal, an RCDD, a certified cabling technician, or a construction foreman, I will be illuminating the project pieces we have seen create a successful low voltage job. 

Best of all, these Pointers are the “real-deal from the field” because we know that sharing is caring, and we care about YOU:our customers. This blog is yours so feel free to write in questions, comments, and offer us feedback. We generally have a tough skin so we can take criticism but love socially distanced, virtual praise shout-outs.


I love it when a plan comes together. Until next time when we will cover Rack Reorgs: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.


Nicole Scaramuzzi Courtemanche is an Account Executive/Certified ScrumMaster on the Connectivity Point Sales Team. She has more than ten-years success managing software lifecycle projects in both agile and hybrid environments; has operationally managed interactive payment applications that integrate with varied state government licensure administrative systems; and has managed portfolios of digital projects totaling millions+ in revenue across industries.