Sounding the alarm: How the end of 3G affects your security system

As you may or may not know, AT&T is shutting down their 3G networks on February 22, 2022, with Verizon following later this year. We know that this change to the newer 5G and LTE technologies has improved our overall cell phone experience, with faster downloading speeds and better coverage, even in crowded areas, but it is also important to know that more than just cell phones are affected by the switch. Intrusion alarm systems that use cellular communication or back-up are also affected. 

If your system still uses a landline or the internet to communicate with the monitoring center, it also utilizes cellular networks as a back-up. In case of a power outage, the cellular back-up ensures that your business is protected when it is most vulnerable. Unless your intrusion alarm was installed in the last year, it is most likely that your wireless communicator or cellular radio device (CRD) was designed to work with 3G. 

With landlines disappearing, security systems switched to CRDs utilizing wireless networks to communicate with the security monitoring center. These systems are built to utilize the wireless network technology that is commonplace at the time of installation. As technology evolves and improves, systems will need to be upgraded to maintain quality of service. With the 3G sunset just around the corner, all security systems that are using a 3G CRD will need to have the CRD replaced with the newer version that works with 5G and LTE technology. 


Upgrading your security system

At Connectivity Point, we want to ensure that there are no gaps in the security of your business. We’ve made it very easy to upgrade your system before AT&T shuts down 3G on February 22, 2022.

Call (866) 782-0200 or email us at We’ll have an Account Executive reach out to you to confirm your upgrade, answer any questions, and schedule your service. 

Upgrading your CRD (cellular radio device) is an easy swap that our technicians can do in a 2-hour service window. If you have a service contract with us, the upgrade is included. If you do not have a service contract in place, our Account Executive can get you a quote on the equipment and installation.


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