Sound Masking: The Importance and Benefits of Speech Privacy in the Workplace

Sound Masking can be one of the most important systems that you design into your office. Often confused with white noise, sound masking is an ambient background sound that is specially tuned to the same frequency of human speech, making it harder to hear (or overhear). When you add sound masking systems to a work environment, conversations are less distracting AND more private.

Sound masking is being implemented by more and more businesses, across all industries. Call centers that have a large number of people on the phones at the same time utilize sound masking to help reduce the distraction of other calls and let employees better focus on their own calls. Hospitals find that sound masking helps create a calmer atmosphere and protects conversations in areas where multiple patients are separated by curtains.

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Sound masking is also highly utilized by industries that require confidentiality and protect the privacy of conversations. Law firms, hospitals, therapists, and financial institutions all benefit from the ability of sound masking to make speech less intelligible. They are able to protect client or patient information, HR and other confidential conversations, avoiding compliance or legal issues.

Any business or non-profit that has multiple people in a space or is looking to ensure private conversations remain that way, benefit from sound masking. Even the quietest spaces, like libraries, have turned to sound masking to keep the whispers contained. What employees, customers and patients experience is a more relaxing environment that allows them to focus on the task in front of them without added distractions.

Benefits of Sound Masking Technology:

  • Reduces noise distractions
  • Boosts productivity
  • Protects speech privacy
  • Improves office acoustics

Even with the changes we’ve seen in the workplace due to COVID, sound masking is still an important consideration. New desk configuration and the additions of partitions and barriers affect the acoustics within an office environment. These changes can create inconsistent sound levels that add a different level of distraction for employees. Sound masking technology can help compensate for these inconsistencies, rendering them a non-factor.

The sound masking equipment that we recommend, across all industries, is the Cambridge Sound Management Qt X Line from Biamp. This new line replaces the Qt Pro line in providing the best solutions for containing sound bleeds and keeping conversations, and information, private. With multiple-product options depending on the zones that require coverage, the Qt X line delivers flexibility, simplicity, control, compatibility, and security.

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Connectivity Point is proud to be the 2021 #1 Dealer in the Nation for the Cambridge Sound Management QT Pro Line. Our relationship with Biamp and our experience with designing customized sound masking solutions across multiple industries, make Connectivity Point the right partner for your business.



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