Axis Camera Installation

A Work of Art

Axis cameras make a distinct impression in updated security system at prestigious Museum of Art.


This prestigious Museum of Art sought out the best solution to protect its large collection of irreplaceable artwork Their previous analog system provided inadequate picture quality and contributed to a general lack of confidence should they experience a significant event. Security management knew that they needed to make an investment in a new camera system given their special circumstances, unique environment, and the valued items within the space.


The Museum worked with Axis partner Connectivity Point Design & Installation to deploy a two-phase installation that now consists of over 50 cameras across the 18,000 square feet of galleries. Bullet-style cameras of 2-to-5 megapixel resolution and higher with a mix of Lightfinder and built-in LEDs with OptimizedIR provide a blanket of coverage. In selected areas 4K Ultra HD was enabled. The Museum centralized their system on an Exacq VMS platform. Additional integration was accomplished using the customer's Kantech access control system, also provided and installed by Connectivity Point. The security team has one unified platform for CCTV, access control, and intrusion detection providing ease-of-use and efficiencies previously impossible with their old systems.


Security officers have thoroughly enjoyed the new deployment as compared to the analog equipment that gave them an unrecognizable image. The Museum is able to deter shoplifting incidents in the gift shop and keep a keen eye on the happenings amongst the facility's 12 galleries and mix of administrative and storage areas.


Systems Engineering Access Control System

Systems Engineering (SE), a leading IT strategy and managed services provider serving over 500 legal, healthcare, financial services, and government clients nationwide, requested Connectivity Point to install an access control system for the five floors that they occupy at their downtown headquarters location.

In the deployment of the access system, we used a combination of four-door and single door Kantech control panels. This allowed Connectivity Point to use shorter cable runs from the doors to the control panels saving the customer time and money. The Kantech system allows SE to control and monitor those who get access to important areas within the building. The system has helped SE provide increased security for their data, hardware, and personnel.

Through the Entrapass software, they can allow certain employees access to certain doors, even down to the days of the week or hours of the day. The use of proximity cards, card readers, and electric locks allow SE to eliminate many keys they had distributed to their employees. Now, instead of a key, which can be lost, stolen or duplicated, they simply provide them with a card that can be instantly deactivated if it becomes lost or stolen. This is not to mention the cost of re-keying when a key is not returned upon an employee's termination.

"Enhancing both the level of physical security for our employees and the further safeguarding of client data that we have within our office were the primary motivations in installing the access control system," said Robert Leslie, Chief Technical Officer. "I'm confident that our new system has helped us successfully deliver on both these counts. What did surprise me was the enthusiastic response the system has received from our employees. Not having to use a key to open a door was something that many of them had apparently been quietly waiting for some time. It's always a pleasant surprise when something you've undertaken brings additional benefits than the ones you initially projected."

Mr. Leslie went on to say, "Eric and Chris were my Connectivity contacts for this engagement; they were both a pleasure to work with. What I know from having worked in IT for many years is that, even with the best laid out plans, issues often arise. This happened with this installation as well (part did not arrive when expected, locksmith's schedule was a little challenging). However, when these events happen, what I need most is that this information, along with what the changes will mean, will be communicated to me as soon as possible. I would give both Eric and Chris high marks in this area. Because of their communication I never felt the project's success was at-risk."