Security Solutions

Security Cameras

Connectivity Point designs and installs security systems, security cameras and video surveillance systems that provide and enhance security. A Connectivity Point security system provides control and information of critical areas, advanced Analytics and increased productivity for your business. We have specific experience and expertise that enables us to design and install IP video systems that are easy to operate and easy to manage. We can also install analog systems or help you migrate your existing analog cameras onto your network, making it easier to access video and easier to upgrade to mega-pixel, high definition cameras.
Our systems provide easy log-in accessibility for remote access including on mobile devices. This means your cameras can be viewed whenever you want from wherever you want.

We also provide hosted video storage, which is a security system that's ideal for multiple locations under one manager. View live or recorded video from any or all locations at any time without the cost of servers
or software.

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Access Control

Access Control allows you to manage access to your facility without the anxiety of tracking keys. Users can be authorized by days of the week or month, by role or responsibilities, by time of day, or any combination. Your system can also generate reports based on specific criteria that will allow you to audit system use or even attempted use of doors or areas.

Connectivity Point can install a variety of systems that will fit your budget as well as be sensitive to the culture of your business. We can also provide managed or cloud-based systems, which eliminate on-site software and servers, along with their associated costs of maintenance and upgrades. With a cloud-based system, authorized users can manage their access control anywhere via a web browser or even a mobile device.

Whether your system requires control of a single door, or a globally connected and managed system of hundreds of facilities, Connectivity Point can enable you to maximize your resources while providing the security you need for your business, employees, customers and guests.

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Intrusion Detection

Connectivity Point's commercial business alarm systems are easy to use and are able to provide a vast number of services to help protect your property, employees and guests. We can monitor the entire building or specific areas of interest, providing you the peace of mind you need to ensure your business runs the way you want. Our systems include:

  • Intrusion/Burglary Monitoring
  • Hold-up/Duress Signal Monitoring
  • Critical Condition Monitoring
  • Elevator and Place of Refuge Emergency Phone Monitoring
Our systems provide easy log-in accessibility - such as our own System Connect service -
for remote access including on mobile devices. Texts or emails can be sent to specific users based on alarm or use criteria that you decide (with our help). Connectivity Point will allow you to manage your security system instead of it managing you.

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Connectivity Point provides monitoring services through our wholesale provider's state-of-the-art monitoring center. We feel this is the best way to provide our customers with the highest confidence and peace of mind.
Our central station's infrastructure reliability meets or exceeds regulatory agency requirements for alarm monitoring centers and our center is certified by Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual. Our Monitoring Center is fully redundant and has complete Disaster Recovery processes and systems in place.
We also offer alternate monitoring telecommunication services to provide back-up, or to replace traditional phone systems. Connectivity Point offers the following services:

  • Intrusion/Burglary Monitoring
  • Hold-up/Duress Signal Monitoring
  • Critical Condition Monitoring
  • Elevator and Place of Refuge Emergency Phone Monitoring
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System Design & Risk Management

Connectivity Point can provide a complete Risk Assessment of your facility or campus and can offer a unique system design to accomplish your security solution goals. We can evaluate areas such as:

  • Public Accessibility and Vulnerability
  • Employee Safety
  • Places of Refuge
  • Unauthorized Intruder Protocols and Procedures
  • Emergency Response and Facility Lockdown Protocols and Procedures
  • Loss Prevention
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Emergency Communication and Call Boxes
We understand that every business is unique. We can help you save money by designing a security system that conforms to your culture and budget while maintaining employee security and safety.
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