New Wi-Fi Services: Predictive Survey, Analysis & Heat-Mapping

Connectivity Point now offers PREDICTIVE SURVEY & ANALYSIS and POST-INSTALLATION HEAT-MAPPING for Wi-Fi installations. So, whether you are looking to install a new Wi-Fi network or improve the one you have, our Wireless team can quickly and efficiently ensure that you get the coverage you need. 


Predictive Survey & Analysis for Wi-Fi installations: Designing & optimizing your Wi-Fi network has never been easier with our accurate 3D planning. We’ll help you accurately predict your network coverage, performance, and capacity.

  • Learn exactly how many access points you need and where they need to be placed for a high-performing Wi-Fi network
  • CAD or PDF floor plans built to your unique requirements for wall materials, floor materials, antenna direction, and more


Predictive Survey Example:













Post-Installation Heat-Mapping Surveys for Wi-Fi networks. Our survey tools allow us to validate your Wi-Fi network coverage and performance thoroughly and troubleshoot issues instantly.

  • Ongoing network optimizing means we identify & address problems early to minimize RF interference & maximize coverage
  • Troubleshooting is made easy with in-depth testing of access point configurations and metrics to identify common issues such as coverage gaps, channel interference, non-Wi-Fi interference like furniture or racks, high-channel utilization, and malfunctioning equipment


Post-Installation Heat Map Example:














Schedule a call with our Sales Team to talk about your Wi-Fi needs and find out how a Predictive Survey or Heat-Mapping can benefit your business today. Email us at or submit our Contact Us form. We look forward to working with you.