Nationwide software deployment

Nationwide software deployment

A large national corporation with more than 100 office locations selected Connectivity Point Design and Installation (CPDI) to assist with the deployment of a new software platform.

CPDI was tasked with setting up temporary training rooms at selected sites, creating a standardized room layout and developing documentation for installation best practices to ensure success in these quick turnaround deployments.

CPDI served as the One Point of contact for the corporate IT department and utilized our database of prequalified technicians to complete the project.

CPDI scheduled and dispatched a local technician to a customer site to install temporary cables, set up network switches, patch computers to the local network and log onto the system. Upon completion of the training sessions, Connectivity Point coordinated the return trip to the site to remove the network switches and cabling and package equipment/devices so they could be shipped to the next training location.

Connectivity Point project and logistics management provided the customer with One Point of contact for all installations. By leveraging our network of partners across the country, CPDI was able to supply local technicians and field support in a cost-effective manner. Streamlining the process in this way allowed our customer's IT staff to focus on other aspects of the training program, while still providing the internal support need to ensure successful training sessions.