National Retail Product Lab

Wilson Pro 70 Plus cellular amplification system

Cellular Amplification System

Connectivity Point recently installed a Wilson cellular signal booster system in a retail lab environment for evaluation and testing. This retail "lab" is used by one of our large national customers to test new products prior to large-scale deployment. Users working in the building complained of poor cell phone reception throughout the space due to the steel and concrete construction, so this was the ideal environment for testing this product.

Connectivity Point designed the system based on the space and use requirements. The solution included two outdoor antennas (YAGI) targeting the two most commonly used carrier frequencies used by employees.

The YAGI antennas were connected to a Wilson Pro 70 series amplifier, which increases signal strength and disperses it throughout the building using indoor antennas. The indoor antennas look much like a standard wireless access point. The system was an unqualified success at increasing the signal inside the building with an average signal strength increase of +23%! This is the equivalent of one and a half bars on the typical cell phone.