Maine Technology Company Launches Doll Line to Celebrate 20th Anniversary

AUBURN, Maine—To commemorate 20 years in business, Maine-based Connectivity Point has announced its plans to launch a line of dolls that showcase key roles their employees play in the connectivity industry. The new Connectivity Dolls will be designed and manufactured in a new facility attached to their South Carolina office. Sales Director, James Cyr, who made the move from Maine to South Carolina to oversee the operation and ensure that the dolls live up to the standard put forth by Connectivity Point, is excited for this new venture, “The last 20 years have been an epic transition from 4 employees in a garage to operating out of 5 states and doing work internationally. What better way to celebrate that with a line of dolls heralding the people that got us here!”

The first pair of dolls to roll off the assembly line this Spring will be Susie and Carl. Susie is a Security Technician and comes with 2 security playsets to install: security cameras with a monitoring station, and an access control system complete with key cards that work. Both plays sets will be compatible with Wattel™ Hospital, Veterinarian and Post Office playsets. Susie’s pal Carl is a Cable Technician and comes with a company vehicle and spools of cable to install. Future Wattel™ workplace playsets will feature access to walls and ceiling (and click-in channels) to allow Carl to pull cable throughout the set. A separate Data Closet with rack playset will also be available.

Company President, Doug Watt, has been behind this project since the idea was first brought to him by an employee’s daughter. “Jodi kept asking me about the jobs that her mom and the other technicians do. She wanted to know if her Darbie® doll could do the same. I, of course, said that she could and realized the impact that these dolls could have. I didn’t want to ask anyone else to do it. We are the ones that know the business and can ensure they are equipped to do the job right. There are standards in our industry that we work hard to maintain and exceed. The dolls representing these roles should do the same. I’m so proud of the direction the company is going. Adding a new vertical like doll-maker is just a dream come true.”

Jodi, and her brother, Will, were tapped to provide feedback during the product development stages. Look for Susie and Carl on store shelves this Spring, and coming next Fall: Adam the A/V Estimator, and Pam the Project Manager. We hope you enjoy the entire Connectivity Crew!