IDEXX, Wanstead

IDEXX, Wanstead

U.K. Structured Cabling

Connectivity Point Design and Installation (CPDI) was a key player in the successful implementation of structured cabling and "rack and stack" services for a new test processing lab in Wanstead, U.K.

The project consisted of completing a site survey of the existing environment to determine cabling requirements and then adding new technology outlet locations where needed. CPDI was also responsible for mounting all of IDEXX's network equipment, patching all connections and working with the IDEXX network engineer to get all devices online and tested.

Meeting scheduling time frames and staying within budget, CPDI adhered to the IDEXX standard, but adjusted as needed to identify suitable replacement components when IDEXX's standard components were not available and could have delayed the project.

The key to success was CPDI's ability to communicate IDEXX's requirements and adapt as needed to conform to standards within the U.K.