Connectivity Point Design & Installation was founded in March, 2002 by Doug Watt and four technicians. Some of you may recall that 2002 wasn't the best of times for technology companies. The DotCom bubble had burst the year before, telecom was in a downward spiral, and the tragedy in New York City on September 11, 2001 had put a cloud over the entire country. At that time Doug Watt was managing a small office in Maine for a Massachusetts based telecommunications and network integrator. That March, Doug got the unexpected news that his employer was closing its doors, effective as soon as possible. Doug felt he only had one option - he needed to start a company. After all, he had recruited and hired each technician, and they were counting on him for a paycheck. And his customers were relying on him and his crew to complete the projects that they already had underway. Connectivity Point was born.

From the very beginning Connectivity Point established a reputation for top quality workmanship and a "get 'er done" attitude. In 2006, Connectivity Point began to oversee projects across the country and expand the company's products and services. Today Connectivity Point has more than 175 employees spread between Maine and South Carolina, and has performed work in 44 states and 24 countries.

At Connectivity Point, we understand three fundamental things:

Customer service is proven by actions, not words.
In a technical industry, you must have technical expertise.
Ultimately, our success rests in the hands of our employees. Their competence, commitment, and dedication are our competitive advantage.