Hannaford Bros. Audio/Visual Upgrade

Hannaford Bros. Audio/Visual Upgrade

Hannaford Bros. Comm Center serves as a multi-purpose meeting room for a variety of functions. The audio/visual equipment within the room had become outdated and was in need of an upgrade and redesign.

Connectivity Point Design & Installation worked with Hannaford staff to design a new AV system to accommodate the users of the 8,100 sf. room (90' x 90').

New equipment included: two NEC ceiling mounted projectors displaying on large motorized Draper screens flanking the existing stage. A Crestron matrix switcher enables simultaneous presentation display on both screens, or individual presentations on either one of the screens. A new podium and strategically placed inputs will allow users to connect to the projectors in numerous locations, depending on the situation. Audio reinforcement for presentations is provided via 10 microphones (stationary, hand-held, and lavalier).

The audio system was integrated with the customer's VOIP telephone system to facilitate flawless conference calls and/or video conferencing. All of this is controlled via an iPad, including the new LED and lighting controls.

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