Downsizing Space and Technology Post-Pandemic

More people working from home? Your connectivity may need a reset.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a meaningful impact on the workflow of industries and companies across the spectrum and around the globe. Practically overnight, many businesses were forced to shutter physical office spaces and find ways for employees to work remotely—or risk going under. Though the pandemic itself is now receding, for some companies those changes may be here to stay. 

Despite the fact that remote workers are still far from the majority, an estimated 26.7% will still be working from home through 2021. According to a recent article from Upwork, 22% of the workforce will be working remotely by 2025—an 87% increase from the number of remote workers before the pandemic.

In light of these trends, downsizing office space may make sense from both a practical and financial perspective. And this could mean a number of different things when it comes to your business’ connectivity and technology infrastructure. 


Moving Out

When downsizing, it’s not just the shift to products that allow a workforce to work more efficiently and inclusively with remote workers and less real estate; it also requires physically managing a space. Your business might decide to sublease the space, or decommission all equipment and move out. Connectivity Point manages this phase of downsizing for our customers. 

Completing an inventory of existing network equipment is important, as well as deciding what to do with it. We can help determine what inventory should be kept and what should be recycled as eWaste, as well as ship the equipment to the appropriate destinations. 

Our goal is to make the move as easy as possible, so that our customers can focus on the continued success of their business.


Audio/Visual (A/V) Systems

Many of our customers have taken advantage of new and improved video conferencing options for improving communication and collaboration between teams, co-workers and clients, whether in or out of the office.   

The idea behind the new A/V systems on the market is seamless integration no matter the space, the device, or the location of participants. Understanding how people work and delivering ease-of-use, lets teams focus on the task at hand. Instead of walking into a space and utilizing the equipment in the room for joining or controlling a meeting, participants can use their own devices. This ensures a level of comfort from the start. The ability of systems to “right-size” audio and video balances, assures that everyone shows up on a level playing field. File sharing and wireless presentation modes allow everyone access to all relevant information at the same time. 

Collaboration has always been an important piece of business and as work styles shift and evolve, technology does as well. The frustrations that accompany older or more limited technology can be avoided. Connectivity Point will help you identify key collaboration needs and variables, as well as the best solution that will grow along with your business. 





Cloud Solutions

The shift from on-premise phone systems to cloud solutions has enabled our customers to seamlessly shift their ability to effectively communicate and engage with customers. The advantages that cloud solutions offer go far beyond the traditional telephone systems of the past, incorporating video, file sharing and more. We are seeing more and more on-premise systems declare an end-of-life and we encourage our customers to consider switching to a cloud solution sooner than later. There are a number of options, and together we can find the right one for your business. 




Assessment Audits

Connectivity Point also offers an audit process for customers to gauge their potential to save more money by refreshing their network configurations and getting rid of equipment they no longer need. This is an easy way to take advantage of our expertise and see what type of planning you should be considering. We’ll look at the technology your business uses today, how your employees engage with each other and with customers, and your goals for the future. All of these pieces of information play into the recommendations that we will share to help your business find success. The ability to be nimble, to adjust with your workforce, and to grow with your business is what will make your technology choices a determining factor in the future of your business. 


No matter what comes down the pipeline in the future, it seems clear that flexibility and a proactive approach to technology is going to be key for organizations. Businesses that are able to get ahead of the curves will have a competitive advantage. So, take the time to look at the way you and your employees communicate and do business. The ROI as you eliminate unnecessary space, upgrade equipment and realize improved productivity will look good on paper, and in whatever shape your office takes in the upcoming year. 


Let the team at Connectivity Point help you find the right solutions for your business—and help you prepare for future success.