Deployment Services

Equipment Roll-Out & Refresh

Connectivity Point provides hardware deployment services for a wide variety of equipment including wireless access points, point of sale systems, network equipment (e.g. switches, routers, servers), telephone systems, workstation devices, and audio-visual systems.

In order to be successful, each deployment or rollout has a unique set of requirements and guidelines to be followed. Connectivity Point realizes this fact and places a high importance on gathering the needed information up front. We have a team of dedicated project managers to work with your IT staff to define a specific scope of work to include detailed work sequence, cut sheets, wiring diagrams, step by step instructions, hardware delivery/inventory coordination, and consolidated invoicing.

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Warehousing and Staging

Connectivity Point can provide warehousing and staging services either at a customer facility, our own facility or at one of our certified partner locations. Connectivity Point will prepare the hardware for deployment to the customer site(s) based on specific instructions provided by the customer or developed by Connectivity Point. Connectivity Point would be responsible for receiving, inventorying, asset tagging, and confirming delivery of material to the job site. Connectivity Point can provide disposal services of assets that are determined to be nonfunctioning and removed from a customer location. Connectivity Point ensures that the disposal is done in the most environmentally friendly way and meets all customer security requirements as needed.

Connectivity Point can also warehouse spare parts for maintenance/repair service requests or for new implementations. Connectivity Point will work with you to identify your unique requirements and create systems designed to reduce lead time on key items and to ensure the parts are available when needed for an emergency.

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Rack Patch & Equipment

Connectivity Point provides rack patch services for many customers on a local, national, and international level. Our rack and patch service begins with designing a detailed customer specific rack elevation that identifies rack/cabinet configuration and other specifics like power requirements, ladder tray requirements and general room layout. Connectivity Point will work with your network and telecom staff to create standardized patching/connection details to ensure all necessary connections are made by the technicians when dispatched to the site. We then handle all shipping and staffing logistics.

Connectivity Point will install the racks/cabinets and then mount the customer provided hardware based upon the approved rack elevations. Our technician would make all the appropriate patching connections and can work with your network and telecom staff to confirm all devices are online and functioning as expected. Connectivity Point can provide troubleshooting assistance as needed to correct issues if they arise. Our customers realize significant cost savings and reduced lead times by using Connectivity Point rather than having their own limited IT resources travel to remote sites to get equipment online. Connectivity Point also serves as their single point of contact for future maintenance activities for that site. Connectivity Point provides post install support for all sites through our service department.

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Project Management

Connectivity Point specializes in the design and installation of the infrastructure for voice, data, video, and security applications. As such, we will source and manage the required technical resources locally, nationally or internationally (through our established network of qualified partners) to perform the onsite installation and programming that you need.

The Connectivity Point project manager will be the One Point of contact for your IT Staff throughout the deployment. Our project managers will maintain project schedules, provide updates at designated time frames, participate in status meetings, coordinate delivery of hardware to the site, and gather all required deliverables for the project.

Having Connectivity Point provide the deployment service allows your IT staff to focus on the more specific tasks of the project such as overall project planning, configuration of project hardware, and end user support.

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