Connectivity Point Offers Employees $250 Bonus and Paid Time Off to get COVID Vaccine

Auburn, Maine – Connectivity Point President, Doug Watt, has announced that the company will be offering a $250 bonus to all employees that get a COVID-19 vaccine. They will also receive 4 hours paid time off to receive the shot, 8 hours in the case of the double dose vaccines. In addition, if an employee has a reaction and needs to take the following day off, they will be allowed an additional 8 hours paid time off. The recent announcement from the White House regarding Tax Credits for COVID vaccinations will extend the offering beyond the extra day if employees need additional time to recover.


Since the beginning of the pandemic, Connectivity Point has focused on putting the health and safety of their employees first, especially the technicians that must continue to work on-site in order to do their jobs. All company vehicles were immediately outfitted with COVID Precaution Kits, containing masks, gloves, thermometers and hand sanitizer, and employees adhered to the company-issued COVID-19 Safety Plan


Management at the company reviewed many vaccine policy options in the effort to make an informed decision. It came down to finding the balance of protecting their employees with respecting individual rights. “I strongly believe that the vaccine is an important part of turning the pandemic around,” said Doug Watt, Connectivity Point President. “I also believe that I do not have the right to tell other people what to do with their bodies. With an incentive, I hope to encourage those who are on the fence to get the vaccine, and the paid time off removes a potential barrier.”


Since the internal announcement on April 1, the company has received positive feedback from employees and even had some decide to pledge their $250 bonus to local non-profits.