Case Study: Westbrook School Department / Saccarappa Elementary School – Westbrook, Maine

Multi-discipline project provides safe‭, ‬enjoyable‭ ‬environment for Maine elementary school



Westbrook School Department recently completed renovations at Saccarappa Elementary School in Westbrook‭, ‬Maine‭. ‬

Connectivity Point‭ (‬CPDI‭) ‬worked as a partner in completion of the renovations in areas of network cabling‭, ‬audio/visual systems‭, ‬paging‭, ‬and security systems for classrooms‭, ‬administrative offices and break rooms throughout the school‭. ‬


CPDI designed and installed a Kantech access control system‭, ‬Axis IP Cameras‭, ‬and an Aiphone security system‭. ‬Each camera is programmed to Westbrook School Department’s requirements for recording time‭, ‬frame rate‭, ‬motion detection and image quality‭. ‬


Included in the project was the design and installation of a Telecor T2‭ ‬paging/public address system throughout the building‭. ‬Telecor paging systems are used as mass notification systems in the event of emergency‭.  ‬


CPDI’s audio/visual group designed and installed equipment in the school’s café and gymnasium‭. ‬CPDI installed one projector with projector screen‭, ‬as well as two audio systems equipped with microphone‭ ‬and music playing capabilities‭. ‬

“We felt the difference immediately‭. ‬In the cafeteria‭, ‬the voice amplification has been amazing‭, ‬said Principal Dr‭. ‬Brian Mazjanis‭. ‬“It allows the staff to be heard using a quiet calm voice‭. ‬Not having to raise our voices to be heard‭, ‬has allowed the tone of lunch to be more in line with how we want to teach children‭. ‬We don’t want them to think we are yelling at them‭.‬”

“Having a high-tech school is very important‭,‬”‭ ‬continues Mazjanis‭. ‬“We need to be able to connect with our children in a variety of sensory-catching ways when they are in school‭. ‬The A/V stuff is‭ ‬really incredible‭. ‬We are able to do some powerful multi-media presentations for school functions‭, ‬like parent meetings and student recognition ceremonies‭.‬”‭   ‬

These integral cabling‭, ‬security‭, ‬paging‭, ‬and audio/visual solutions provide a safer and more enjoyable school environment for Westbrook’s elementary students‭ ‬
and faculty‭.


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