Case Study: Littler Mendelson (Sound Masking) – San Francisco, CA; Melville, NY; Walnut Creek, CA; Washington, D.C.

Global labor law practice installs sound masking‭ ‬to improve privacy and reduce distractions

Littler is the largest global employment and labor law practice‭, ‬with more than 1,000‭ ‬attorneys in over 70‭ ‬offices worldwide‭. ‬They are consistently recognized in their industry as a leading and innovative law practice‭.‬

The floor plan and acoustics in some offices caused a concern about distractions that could be caused by conversations between associates‭, ‬and the possibility of confidential conversations being overheard‭. ‬Littler turned to Gensler architects for advice‭, ‬who recommended Cambridge Sound Management’s QT sound masking and speech-privacy system‭. And when Littler asked Cambridge Sound Management to recommend an authorized dealer‭ ‬with national capabilities‭, ‬they recommended Connectivity Point‭.‬

Cambridge Sound Management’s system involves small 3”‭ ‬diameter speakers‭ (‬called emitters‭) ‬to be installed in the ceiling facing downward into the occupied spaces‭. ‬An engineered noise like rushing air is generated by a controller and then emitted throughout the office space‭. ‬Typically‭, ‬this is a more cost-effective solution than options such as adding insulation or soundproofing‭, ‬new modular furniture‭, ‬or building walls‭.‬

Working in partnership with Cambridge Sound Management designers‭, ‬Connectivity Point developed a solution appropriate to the work environment‭ ‬of each office‭. ‬This included considering various ceiling types requiring unique mounting methods‭, ‬conference rooms that required individual volume controls‭, ‬and installing the emitters in specific zones to enable zoned volume control‭.‬

Connectivity Point installed sound masking systems in Littler offices in San Francisco‭, ‬CA‭; ‬Melville‭, ‬NY‭; ‬Walnut Creek‭, ‬CA‭; ‬and‭ ‬Washington‭, ‬D.C‭. ‬Installations were a combination of retrofit‭, ‬remodel and brand‭ ‬new spaces ranging from a small regional office‭ ‬of 2,500‭ ‬sq‭. ‬ft‭. ‬to 38,000‭ ‬sq‭. ‬ft‭. ‬of Class A office space‭. ‬In all cases‭, ‬Connectivity Point coordinated‭ ‬the installation with the construction schedule and the local office representative‭. ‬In the case of occupied offices‭, ‬much of the work was performed after hours‭. ‬The end result was an increase privacy and reduction of distractions within the offices‭. ‬Connectivity Point‭ ‬is proud to have been selected by Littler and serve‭ ‬in enhancing the quality of their sensitive environment‭.‬


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