Case Study: Bowdoin College - Bowdoin, Maine

Maine liberal arts college upgrades theater‭ housed in 100+‭ ‬year old Civil War Memorial



Connectivity Point‭ (‬CPDI‭) ‬has worked with Bowdoin College for more than 15‭ ‬years‭, ‬installing miles of low-voltage cabling‭, ‬security systems and audio/visual equipment‭. ‬Founded in 1794‭, ‬Bowdoin College is a private liberal arts college located in Brunswick‭,‬‭ ‬Maine‭. ‬Their mission is to help students develop social and leadership abilities through an intense education focused on challenging their ability to think creatively‭.‬

Projects have included designing and installing a security system for their new art storage building‭, ‬as well as the cabling network to support it‭. ‬An intrusion detection system‭, ‬camera network and access control system work together to protect the college’s art assets‭. ‬Another project of note was the cabling network installed at the Schiller Coastal Studies Center‭, ‬where marine‭, ‬estuaries and terrestrial research and teaching happens on Orrs Island‭, ‬ME‭. ‬Cabling was run throughout this coastal campus‭, ‬connecting the Dry Lab‭, ‬Living and Learning Center‭, ‬Marine Lab‭, ‬Sailing Center and housing facilities‭.‬

CPDI is also the primary security vendor for the Bowdoin College Museum of Art which houses priceless art pieces and paintings‭. ‬We installed and continue to service the access control‭, ‬intrusion detection‭, ‬and security cameras systems for the entire‭  ‬building‭.‬


Data Network Cabling

Recently‭, ‬Bowdoin needed a modern retrofit of their data network in Pickard Theater to support new equipment‭. ‬Pickard Theater is‭ ‬located in Memorial Hall‭, ‬a Gothic-style granite and stained glass memorial to Bowdoin’s Civil War veterans built in 1885‭.‬

The cabling we installed here was to support the theater AV system and equipment‮—‬the new equipment is now IP-based so all the older legacy AV cabling needed to be upgraded to network cabling‭. ‬Existing cabling was removed from conduit paths and new conduits‭ ‬were added wherever necessary‭. ‬Cat 6‭ ‬data lines were run throughout the building and a new IDF cabinet installed to serve them‭.‬‭ ‬Backbone cabling was run to connect their existing BDF network to their new wall-mounted cabinet’s servers‭.‬

This is a trend CPDI is seeing at Bowdoin and other colleges and institutions who rely heavily on AV equipment‮—‬a lot of the newer AV systems and equipment are IP-based so it requires network cabling instead of traditional AV specific cabling‭. ‬The last couple of cabling jobs CPDI has completed for Bowdoin have been driven by the need for newer AV systems‭.‬

CPDI’s next project on the Bowdoin campus will be installing the cabling‭, ‬access control and security camera for two new buildings‭, ‬the Barry Mills Hall and the John and Lile Gibbons Center for Arctic Studies‭. ‬The Center for Arctic Studies will be the new home‭ ‬for the well-known Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum‭.‬


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