Case Study: BerryDunn Headquarters - Portland, Maine

Northern New England’s largest accounting firm constructs new national headquarters in Portland, ME



Connectivity Point‭ (‬CPDI‭) ‬designed and installed new network cabling‭, ‬audio/visual equipment‭, ‬sound masking‭, ‬and security systems for the new BerryDunn Congress Street building in Portland‭, ‬Maine‭. ‬Throughout the project‭, ‬CPDI had 30‭ ‬technicians to support‭ ‬the various trades‭, and 10‭ ‬Project Managers‭, ‬Engineers‭ ‬&‭ ‬Estimators involved‭. ‬CPDI installed over 600‭ ‬cable runs to offices and cubicle workstations‭ ‬and over 30‭ ‬AP locations cabled back to multiple data racks‭. ‬The project consisted of one server room and three additional data‭ ‬rooms all connected‭ with new OM3‭ ‬multimode fiber and copper backbone‭. The project began prior to the pandemic and construction was completed in early 2021‭. ‬


CPDI installed A/V systems for the new headquarters in 25‭ conference rooms‭, ‬a large board room‭, ‬3-way divide combine training room‭, ‬and fitness room‭, ‬including video conferencing and presentation capabilities throughout‭. ‬The most challenging part of the project was not only installing the systems in each room when the construction schedule opened‭ ‬up for each space‭, ‬but also uninstalling equipment at the former Middle Street location and‭ reinstalling in 10‭ ‬different rooms in the new headquarters‭. ‬The team at BerryDunn and their construction team were a tremendous‭ ‬help to the CPDI team‭, ‬providing plenty of space to store materials until rooms were ready for installation‭.‬

Security and Sound Masking

CPDI assisted with removing cameras from the previous office location and reinstalling the security system‭, ‬while adding new cameras for a total of 16‭, ‬mounted and installed to help cover the space at the office entry and exit points‭. ‬CPDI completed the final touches with installation of an active sound masking speech privacy system on multiple floors‭, ‬giving complete coverage throughout the entire office‭. ‬Over 1000‭ ‬emitters were installed with cabling from emitter to emitter per the manufacturer’s design‭.‬


“Connectivity Point played a major role in the relocation of our National Headquarters‭. ‬Not only did they run over 21‭ ‬miles of data cable to connect over 86,000‭ ‬s.f‭. ‬of space to our network‭, ‬they also installed 25‭ ‬conference rooms with the proper A/V equipment‭, ‬about 1,000‭ ‬sound masking units‭, ‬and all the security cameras needed to protect our employees and assets‭. ‬With a constantly‭ ‬moving timeline‭, ‬during a pandemic‭, ‬they worked with us to ensure the job was completed alongside the construction schedule and‭ ‬our move-in deadline‭. ‬Juggling four major tasks and a tight deadline was no easy feat‭. ‬Connectivity Point pulled it off and did‭ ‬so effortlessly‭. ‬We could not have asked‭ ‬for a better business partner‭.‬”

Debbie Madden‭ 
Project Manager‭, BerryDunn


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