Connectivity Point Acquires Sweet Wiring, Inc.


gingerbread houseAUBURN, Maine—Connectivity Point Design & Installation (CPDI) announced today that it has acquired Sweet Wiring, Inc., based in Hershey, Pennsylvania. For more than 250 years, Sweet Wiring, has provided rope licorice wiring manufacturing, design, installation, and support to gingerbread homes and businesses worldwide.

“The closing was super tough. We just couldn’t wait to get our hand on these guys. The whole place smelled like cookies and frosting,” says Doug Watt, President of Connectivity Point. “I mean—ahem—of course our focus is on growing our business geographically, as well as from a culinary perspective. The acquisition of Sweet Wiring allows us to expand our project footprint and respond quickly when we need to satisfy our sweet tooth.”

The acquisition was a strategic part of CPDI’s growth plan in the northeast. “We’ve always had to shy away from bidding on projects requiring rope licorice wiring. It’s a beast—it melts in the summer and is too tough to work with in the winter. With Sweet Wiring’s proprietary recipes and expertise, we can expand our offerings and finally begin servicing customers in the gingerbread community.

The acquisition will include retention of all of Sweet Wiring’s employees. Well—the ones we didn’t eat.