Case Study: Integrative Health Care Company (Audio-Visual & Collaboration Solutions) – Maine

Maine Integrative Health Care Company installs state-of-the-art audio-visual conferencing systems for board rooms



Connectivity Point Design & Installation (CPDI) has worked with this well-known Health Care Company (HCC) since 2017. Our first project with them was to help troubleshoot issues they were having with a failing Audio-Visual System installed by a previous vendor. It was a temporary fix that allowed them to keep business moving, until they were able to overhaul the system at a later date. Since then, CPDI has also partnered with HCC on a major expansion and renovation construction project at their Portland location in Portland, installing the Tele/Data Communication Systems.   

When the Health Care Company decided to replace their A/V Systems in 2021, they asked Connectivity Point to create a design to take their existing Board rooms with limited conferencing to a "Telepresence" like environment. The goal was not only to get a fully functioning A/V System in place, but also to create an inclusive collaboration experience in two of their biggest Board Rooms. Based on learnings from working with remote team members during the pandemic, the HCC recognized 100% in room participation wasn't possible and they needed to update for the future. 

Working closely with the Connectivity Point A/V Engineers, the HCC identified specific communication and technology requirements they wanted to put in place in the 20+ person Board Rooms. This process ensured that the final design would be customized to address their specific needs, ensuring a space that would offer a state-of-the-art experience whether people were on-site or remote. 

Communication & Technology Requirements:

  • Room technology to include local and remote participants
  • All participants be cleanly heard with a front-forward camera view
  • All participants clearly view/see content, people at the far-end of the table, and local video
  • Technology to be intuitive and easy to use 


In-room and remote participation was key to designing the Health Care Company’s new collaborative environment. The in-room hardware was selected based on their ability to provide optimum face-to-face communication for anyone local or remote. The AV System upgrades addressed the immediate communication needs, as well as set them up for success in the future. 


Upgrade Details:  

This state-of-the-art collaboration room offers an equitable experience for in-room and remote participants by optimizing an all-network-based A/V System:

  • A new Crestron Flex Zoom room system was installed. This system is a dedicated Zoom conferencing PC connected to the AV system. Conferencing managed via USB3.0 for Zoom and Teams.
  • A 10” touch screen provides user control of the Zoom conference functions and room AV functions. A scheduled meeting will show on the Touch screen – with one-touch join. All attendees can connect to the Zoom meeting as normal.
  • A 7” room scheduling panel with room status light was added to the outside of the room. Room reservations are displayed on the screen.
  • 9 new HD PTZ cameras with a smart camera tracking system were installed. The 1Beyond Camera tracking system auto tracks and switches based on which person is speaking. The camera system includes custom layout options. Camera feeds to the server via NDI.
  • Replaced existing video system with new scalable IP based video system (Crestron NVX). This upgrade allows for viewing flexibility of any source on any display, with video signal and routing via IP.
  • 32 Gooseneck Microphones were installed throughout the room, with audio signals managed via AVB & Dante. 
  • 2x 100", 4x 75" & 3x 32" LCD Displays provide 4k system resolution, and include additional floor level displays for the front desk participants to offer an immersive experience. An optional rear floor display can be added if needed in the future. 


Based on the feedback and meetings with the HCC Project Team, Connectivity Point designed a state-of-the-art Audio-Visual System that would not only fulfill the communication and technology requirements for the Board Room projects but would also serve as the design standards template for 11 other sites. This Integrative Health Care Company is focused on improving the health of the people and communities they serve. Creating equitable collaboration spaces is a vital part of that mission.


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