When Relationships Matter, Quality (Video Conferencing) Makes the Difference.

audio visual flat screen installationAs the world has shifted into remote environments and become more comfortable with replacing face-to-face communications with video calls, the need for Audio/Visual (A/V) equipment has changed. Older equipment can’t always keep up with new technology, and we understand the frustration when meetings are delayed, voices can’t be heard, and connections aren’t made. 

Depending on the size of your company, what you are looking to do and your budget, our team will help you decide on the right products for the job. 





Industry Leaders make technology that is easy to use. 

Crestron 70 touch screen (with caption)Two industry-leading brands that we offer are Crestron® and Biamp®. Since 1972, Crestron Electronics has been known for creating automation solutions that transform the way people live their lives, making day-to-day tasks easier, and improving efficiency and productivity. 

From the smallest of rooms to the largest of venues, Biamp has created professional audiovisual solutions that enable great communication, for over 40 years. 

Over the years, Crestron and Biamp have created a collaborative relationship, ensuring that their products work smarter together than they would on their own. 

The new Crestron 70 Touch Screens offer unique sizes for multiple orientations, faster processing and sharper screen resolution. Where function finally meets design, these sleek, modern panels will integrate into any design aesthetic with ease. 



Crestron Flex R-Series (with caption)Small Business Options

If you are a smaller business, Crestron offers some options that are easy-to-implement all-in-one designs. The Crestron Flex R-Series is a budget-friendly mobile UC (Unified Communications) System. Its implementation is simple, requiring only power and a network to get started. With packages for both Zoom Rooms® and Microsoft Teams®, the Crestron Flex R-Series aligns naturally with how your employees already work.




2021 is just around the corner and having the cabling infrastructure and A/V systems to collaborate is mission-critical for any organization. Now more than ever, employees are dispersed between offices or even countries. Video conferencing is the solution. Video conferencing technology can help your project, sales and product development meetings be conducted smoothly and help your organization increase productivity.

Video conferencing plays a role beyond the office. Doctors can meet with patients, teachers can meet with students, and salespeople can meet with clients. To be effective, your video conferencing solution needs to be easy to use, reliable, and incorporated into your everyday workflow. Connectivity Point can help identify the video conferencing solution that is right for you.


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