Alene Candles Wireless Network



Alene Candles selected Connectivity Point Design & Installation to provide and install a Meru Networks (now Fortinet) wireless network throughout their state-of-the-art, customized production and warehouse facilities. Founded in Milford, New Hampshire in 1995, Alene develops, designs and creates candles for some of the world's most recognized retail, boutique, and cosmetic brands.*

Connectivity Point installed Category 6 cabling to more than forty Meru Networks wireless access points throughout the production and warehouse buildings representing ~ 50,000 square feet. Cabling was also installed to five large flat-screen monitors located in the production area to be used to display production metrics and related information.

Warren Green, Alene's Information Technology Manager shared, "I am very happy with the install. Your team was great, communication was fantastic. Dwayne did an exceptional job and was a pleasure to work with during the install."
Connectivity Point is first and foremost a "connectivity" company. We share Alene's aptitude for innovation, and respect Alene's "efficient artisanship," combining efficiency and quality to create effective solutions for business needs. And like Alene, our experienced team customizes a project to fit customers' specific needs. We were pleased to be the wireless solution provider for Alene Candles, and we look forward to continuing to work with Alene as they continue to grow and expand.
Connectivity Point specializes in the infrastructure for voice, data, video and security applications. We design and install network cabling, audio/visual equipment, surveillance and security solutions, wireless networks, and telephone systems. We work regionally using our own technicians and nationally/globally using our network of qualified partners. Connectivity Point's diverse offerings and capabilities allow us to be our customer's One Point of contact for their technology infrastructure needs.