2020 Is Here.

You may remember the futuristic video game Super Baseball 2020 released in North America in 1993. SB2020 allowed you to purchase a baseball-playing robot once your team had earned enough money through achievements. Our 1993 selves would either be disappointed or relieved to know no robots are playing in the Majors going into the 2020 season.


While robots aren't playing baseball, and seemingly half of all vehicles on the road are 1990s Toyotas, we are very much living in the future. We carry a device in our pockets capable of putting man on the moon. We ask Siri, Alexa, and google to assist us with our daily tasks. These devices and technology are expected to continue their migration into the workplace, and your network infrastructure is more important than ever. More in-office technology than ever sits on your network. Are you ready for the future?



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