Charitable Giving – Our Pink Van


As part of our Going the Extra Mile campaign, Connectivity Point would like to announce
a new social media charitable giving campaign to benefit the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition—
Spot, Snap ‘N Share.


Here’s how it works:

Connectivity Point has a pink service van. It’s totally pink. So we’re asking people to spot our pink van, take a photo and share it on Facebook tagged with #ourpinkvan.

And we want you to “Like” us, too. We won’t spam you, promise (but we will give you clues about where the van is going to be).

Got all that? Ok, now do that and we’ll donate $5 per photo to the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition.

Bonus points:

If you can get Rex (our Pink Van Pilot) in your photo, we’ll give an extra dollar to MBCC.

Bonus, bonus points:

Each month, we’ll randomly select one of our Facebook followers who’ll receive The Pink Album, a 2-CD collection of contemporary music by 27 of Maine’s leading female singer/songwriters.


Maine Breast Cancer Coalition

This non-profit, grassroots, volunteer-based organization is a partnership of breast cancer survivors, health care professionals, representatives from cancer-related organizations and supporters, who have shared  common vision since 1992. They are dedicated to making a positive difference in the health of Maine people through: financial support, advocacy and education.

Learn more at:


The Pink Album

This extraordinary double CD contains a collection of performances by some of Maine’s most accomplished female singer/songwriters. Over two dozen remarkable performers have come together in support of the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition Support Service Fund.

Learn more at:


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Case Studies

Norman, Hanson & DeTroy

Connectivity Point completed the installation of communications cabling, sound-masking, and audio-visual equipment for the new offices of law firm Norman, Hanson & DeTroy.
Argo Marketing Group

Connectivity Point worked directly with Argo Marketing Group as part of a project to rehab an abandoned retail building in Lewiston, ME.
Maine Medical Center

Connectivity Point completed the communications cabling within the new Emergency Department of Maine Medical Center in Portland, ME.
Sig Sauer

Sitting vacant for more than a decade, the recently remodeled, huge 206,000-square-foot building at Pease International Tradeport now houses the SIG SAUER manufacturing facility.